8:30 am – you just rolled over from your front (put there by me) to your back. Five minutes later, with your Dad on the phone, you act as though it never happened and are not at all pleased to find yourself on your belly. Now, with Mister Mistoffelees just out of reach from your back, you’ve scooted yourself over on your side so you can just grab his ear by drawing your legs up and pivoting from the hips. Once you’re over you extend your legs out and up so you’re jackknifed on your side. My last entry notwithstanding, you’ve developed a new sound over the past couple of days – a bubbly k – which I think is far more conversational than your yell (and certainly more contented-seeming). You use it pretty much any time we’re face to face, especially when I come in to get you in the morning, when you smile, stretch and talk, and if you’re lying on your back on the bed [sic]. The sound may really be a return to your “agya,” but now with saliva added, since you make it often after an intake of breath “ah ahhhh… I wish we could capture your morning-time stretch. You arch your back and stretch your face and wiggle your shoulders. It’s a sight to behold! [drawing]

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