You’re in your “new” exersaucer, spinning around and looking for something to suck on. Sometimes you’re astonishingly proficient. Grabbing the frozen chew toy, running it down your face until you find your mouth, then changing your grip to get a hold which allows you to maneuver it better. Other times you grab the chewing end and don’t manage to do anything but get your fist in your mouth as it’s blocking the toy itself. I think you learn a lot as you do these things, how to manipulate objects, how to focus, how to move in your chair, how to achieve an objective, so I try not to help you too much. You’re right on the edge of frustration, though – your ideas, I think, outrunning your capacity to execute them.

No object permanence yet – you drop the toy off the edge and that’s that – on to the next thing. You couldn’t get the purple elephant attachment into your mouth – too far. Was driving you wild. I took it and put it by your feet (out of sight) and you were fine.

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