We borrowed a walker for you, which leaves you free, now that you’ve gotten the hang of it to explore. Textures are especially appealing – the hamper, a zipper on Nana’s sewing kit, but motion, too, is thrilling.

So much – you love Uncle David, make your “ah haah” noise of approval whenever he’s around. He’s very loving with you, playing with you, holding you, helping me interpret what you want. You were enthralled with his arena soccer game today. Standing up on the edge of the rink that forms the arena, gripping the net which protects the spectators with your hands and hooting. You often pat now when you are happy and reach for David whenever he’s near.

I like watching the games that develop between you and others. Grandpa plays a game with his baseball cap – first on his head, then on yours that pleased you yesterday when you were very tired and sad. You were crying and crying in my arms on the bird walk – so much that I resorted to almost labor-esque breathihng – a panting sigh, which soothed you. Then he played with you. First you smiled, gamely, through tears, and then engaged smiling.